sugarslide (sugarslide) wrote in tomatotops,


Hello, my poopoo and all lurkers!! This is the start of a revolution, yo...HAHAHAHA

So ill dive right into the first project of our dear little community.

In recognition of the discovery of the best website...ever in the history of the world;, the first task is to create a list of your IDEAL LAST MEAL if you were to be killed on death row. You may make it as long or as short as you want. But please, for the love of god, if there are any lurkers out there who wish to later participate in the project, DONT BE A FUCKING PUSSY!! you dont know who you're dealing with here haha.

Once your list is perfected, create an entirely new entry for it. Feel free to include vivid descriptions, pictures, etc.

deadmaneating, you have brought hours of procrastination to our lives, and for that, we thank and honour you.
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