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my food list. GINORMO!

iced tea
raspberry gingerale
tropical five alive
alexander kieths
grape kool aid
cherry kool aid
watermelon juice
sprite with grenadine
cherry coke
coke and sambucca
tim hortons peach juice
1 sour cream glazed donut
1 sprinkle donut from zehrs
1 marble donut
1 maple donut
1 toasted bagel with regular cream cheese
1 toasted bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese
1 toasted bagel with cream cheese, cucumber slices and herb seasoning
1 toasted bagel with crunchy peanut butter
1 toasted bagel with smooth penut butter and strawberry jam
1 toasted bagel with salami, swiss cheese and pickle slices
1 slice of cheese pizza
1 slice of pepperoni pizza
1 slice of pepperoni, green pepper, bacon and tomato
*served with one pizza pizza garlic sauce and one dominos pizza garlic sauce
1 hamburger on a kaiser bun - lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and ketchup
1 turkey on rye - lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, italian dressing
1 serving of chicken brocolli casserole
1 bowl of tim hortons chicken noodle soup
2 crunchy pancakes with fresh strawberry quarters, syrup and whipped cream
1 bowl of golden grahams
1 bowl of lucky charms
1 bowl of honey nut cheerios
1 cup of honey roasted peanuts
1 package melba toast with cheddar cheese slices
nachos - melted cheese, salsa
2 slices of bruschetta
2 slices of garlic bread
1 BLT sandwich on wheat bread
1 english muffin with cream cheese and two runny eggs
1 bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce and fresh parmesan cheese
1 bowl of cheese cappeletti
1 ceasar salad - bacom bits, croutons, fresh parmesan cheese
6 latvian perogies
3 ukrainian perogies with garlic and onion
2 chocolate chips
2 double stuf oreos
2 fudgeeos
3 mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara sauce
1 small bag of guacamole doritos
1 small bag of Lay's ketchup chips
1 small bag of Ruffle's salt and vinegar chips
1 ice cream sandwich
1 bowl of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel sauce, 2 cherries and sliced banana
1 purple popsicle
1 space pop
1 rocket popsicle
pavlova with whipped cream and strawberries
1 smoothie - rasberries, strawberries, banana, blueberries
1 bag of popcorn
4 chicken nuggets with plum sauce
1 wendy's frostee
french fries
onion rings
1 sausage on d'italianno hot dog bun with ketchup and diced onion
1 baguette - heated with ketchup and diced onion
garlic mashed potatoes
1 chicken stir fry with honey garlic sauce and extra bean sprouts
4 chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce
chicken fried rice with sweet and sour sauce
1 chocolate brownie with lots of frosting
4 buns with salted butter
2 babybel cheeses

HAHAHAH like i would ever EVER be able to eat all of that, but nonetheless, this would be my ideal last meal.  im sure after raping babies and stabbing old ladies your appetite grows?!?!

Peace, love, FOOOOOOOD!

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