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yum yum project #1!

...ok....this is going to be edited and updated over the next few days...but this is my list so far. lol.

as you said, I would NEVER be able to eat all this, but whatever, I want it anyways!!

+ cans of mountain dew
+ cans of cream soda
+ cran apple juice
+ an iced cappucino from tim horton's
+ 1 bottle of bacardi rum with equivalent amounts of diet coke
+ random, exotic fruity alcoholic beverages

+ 2 red lobster buns
+ 2 swiss chalet buns
+ 2 pieces of hot naan bread
+ one bowl special k red berries
+ 2 fluffy chocolate chip pancakes with hot maple syrup
+ plate of cold shanghai noodles (thick noodles) with lots of sesame seeds
+ one donair from "parthenon" restaurant in Montreal with extra tzadziki
+ a good quality chicken caesar wrap
+ seafood pasta (shrimp, clams, etc)in garlic butter sauce
+ 4 spicy tuna rolls
+ two "everything" bagels - one with cream cheese and one with hummus
+ herbed potato wedges with ketchup
+ 3 pieces of vegetarian pizza (green peppers, onions, mushrooms, green olives and sun dried tomatoes) with super puffy crust and pizza pizza garlic dipping sauce.
+ 6 homestyle crispy chicken fingers with both honey and plum sauce for dipping
+ onion rings
+ nachos with the works on top (cheese, salsa, onions, etc)
+ a big mac meal from mcdonalds
+ one smarties mcflurry from mcdonalds
+ one enormous ice cream sundae with cookie dough ice cream/layers of caramel sauce/chocolate and butterscotch chips/sprinkles/gummy bears and marashino cherries
+ one maple beavertail pastry with chocolate sauce on top
+ freshly baked pillsbury chocolate chip cookies, still a touch raw
+ one slice of quebec sugar pie
+ a slice of white birthday cake
+ pasteries: one blueberry danish, one large chocolate chip muffin and one chocolate croissant
+ a perfect, crunchy green apple
+ a fruit salad made out of a variety of melons (honeydew, watermelon, canteloupe, etc lol)
+ one bag of clodhoppers
+ two cadbury cream eggs

*** YES, I have a bit of a carb and chocolate obsession....SO WHAT!!! ;)
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i approve and am sorry i missed out on the following foods before my death:
+ cadbury creme eggs
+ one slice of quebec sugar pie
+ herbed potato wedges with ketchup
+ a slice of white birthday cake

but props on this list...!