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Push It Real Good....

...I asked for lettuce, not "green slime"

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This is a community run by two people - met by fate. What became of this chance meeting was a close friendship based around gluttonous eating, abusing substances, similar life outlooks and an obsession with surveys. Here is where we will post whatever is on our mind - may it be some sort of writing, a project, ranting, gloating, lists, whatever.....but have our word, this will be THE BEST COMMUNITY THAT EVER EXISTED!!!

If you want in on this community, leave us a comment and tell us why the hell you would ever want to be part of such a joyous trainwreck. However, if you include the colour yellow and the number twenty-one on your list of favorite things, then get the fuck out and forget what you saw. You are obviously a JAG and we hate jags...alot!

Peace & Love,
Samara (sugarslide)
Tamara (lienit)